iRiver's Disappointing Spinn

The latest music player from the South Korean electronics maker is dazzling to look at, but lacks features now standard on comparably priced iPods

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Crisp, color-rich OLED screen; good battery life; elegant look

The Bad: Clumsy scroll wheel; scant storage space; no link to online store or subscription service; pricey

The Bottom Line: The same price as the iPod Touch, but it doesn't come close to competing

As a longtime iPod owner, I wonder whether Apple (AAPL) has created the be-all, end-all line of digital music players. They boast elegant, compact forms, affordable prices, and a seemingly unending parade of game-changing features like the click wheel, album artwork, and—in the case of the iPhone and iPod Touch—integration of music playing with phone and Web browser capabilities. At least for now, Apple has set expectations for any other device impossibly high.

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