Want Real Stimulus? Try Universal Health Care

Health-care reform would put one of the most productive sectors in the U.S. to work to shore up the nation's economy, says BW contributing editor Chris Farrell

The economy is in a tailspin. The latest salvo of grim tidings came courtesy of the Labor Dept.'s Dec. 5 employment report: U.S. employers slashed 533,000 jobs in November (BusinessWeek.com, 12/05/08), the largest monthly decline in more than three decades. The unemployment rate now stands at 6.7% and the ranks of the jobless have increased by 2.7 million since December. The broadest measure of unemployment (a figure that includes the unemployed, employees laboring part-time, and others barely working) stands at a dismaying 12.5%, or 19.3 million workers, up from 8.4% a year ago, or 12.9 million workers.

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