Running an Energy Efficient Business

Now more than ever, small businesses have to examine all options for reducing costs as we navigate our way through these turbulent economic times. Having an energy-efficient business is a simple and effective way to control overhead costs. A few tips for small businesses to consider:

Map out your energy consumption. Once you have done this, you can determine what is essential and what can be modified.

Research different energy options. Run a quick search on the Internet and learn what’s new in the area of power consumption.

Be aware of market trends and local laws. Will an "eco-friendly" approach give your business an advantage? Is light pollution an issue in your area? Are there any tax breaks available?

Create a plan based on the previous points and start implementing it ASAP.

Be sure to consider lighting sources when preparing your plan: Are there lower wattage lightbulbs that can be used? Can the business use solar power or reflective lighting? Can sensors or timers be installed to turn off lights automatically during off hours? Encouraging employees to turn off lights when not in their offices can go a long way in reducing energy spending.

Noah Meiri Vice-President of Sales & Marketing Magink Technologies Israel

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