The Godfather II: In-depth Intrigue and Mayhem

The sequel to Electronic Arts hit movie-based game calls for murderous tactics and criminal strategies, all in real time

In 2006, Electronic Arts did something few companies achieve; it created a movie-based game that doesn't suck. The Godfather is a Grand Theft Auto-style adventure that features content from the Oscar winning film and Mario Puzo's novel while allowing gamers to kill bad guys and extort businesses. Its nonstop blasting wasn't revolutionary, but the superb presentation gave EA a great foundation to build from. Of course, there's only one place to go after releasing The Godfather, and that's The Godfather II. Due for a February 2009 release, this open world game still has you driving around sprawling 3-D cities and scaring the crap out of people, but there's an intriguing layer of strategy that'll appeal to any would be Don.

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