The downside of Twitter

About 2,200 people follow my feed on Twitter. So if I tweet this blog post, which I just might do in 20 minutes or so (5:20 a.m. EST), how many of them will see it? Twenty? One hundred?

Twitter, as Mitch Joel writes, is not a broadcast medium. People see your tweet if they happen to be Twittering at the same time as you. And they’re more likely to see if if they don’t follow lots of other people (who quickly push you out of the queue. Yes, there’s rudimentary search. But how many people will hunt for specific tweets. You could count them, as Nabokov once wrote, on the fingers of one mangled hand.

This isn’t to say that twittering isn’t great. It is. It plunks you into lots of exchanges (I’m trying to avoid the word “conversation.”) It can get you outside your tight circle of knowledge and contacts. People link to interesting stuff. Those who catch your tweets provide insites and answers. (More from Tamera Kremer) But for getting the word out, I’d recommend keeping the blog going.