What if a solar powerhouse bought Opel, GM's euro subsidiary?

Ironic as it might be, it’s not so far fetched. Such are the divergent fates of the US auto giant (plummeting), and SolarWorld, one of Germany’s top solar powers (soaring, or until recently soaring) that the later threw an unsolicited $1 billion bid into the ring for Opel, GM’s euro subsidiary. The US automaker has denied it’s in the market to sell the brand, but facing $20 billion in losses and possibly bankruptcy, no option is off the table. For its part, SolarWorld would presumably want to refocus the brand as a purely green car leader. It’s less of a leap than US readers, familiar with GM’s mega SUVs might think, since Opel is home to a fleet of high-mileage gas and diesel models already. More here, at the times of London.

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