DoCoMo's $2.7 Billion Investment in India

Japan's DoCoMo is struggling with sales at home, so it's betting on the Indian cellular market with a 26% stake in Tata Teleservices

Early and enthusiastic adopters of 3G phones, Japanese are some of the world's most sophisticated consumers of cellular services. But Japan is not a growth market. It's now almost saturated, with nearly 82% of the country's population of 127 million toting cell phones. Struggling with moribund sales at home, Japan's NTT DoCoMo (DCM) is now looking to a very different type of market, India. Indian wireless networks aren't anywhere as advanced as those in Japan, but India is the world's fastest-growing cellular market, adding as many as 9 million new customers a month. That's why DoCoMo, the largest Japanese cellular operator, on Nov. 12 announced it is picking up a 26% stake, worth $2.7 billion, in Tata Teleservices, the No. 6 player in India.

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