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Twitter Changes the Game for Pitching

Here are four rules for delivering powerful presentations in the world of social media

Blogs, YouTube (GOOG), Twitter, and other social media tools have changed the way we deliver ideas inside and outside of work. Combine these tools with recent research into how the brain works, and business owners have new ways to enhance their pitches and presentations. Here are four of them.

Think visually. The average PowerPoint slide has 40 words, mostly in the form of bullet points. Why are PowerPoint decks normally so overloaded? The problem begins as soon as you open PowerPoint. The first page to appear is a template that has room for a title and subtitle, or bullet points. Most people write a title, add a bullet, then a sub-bullet and sometimes sub-bullets of sub-bullets. By this point, they are really in the weeds and are on track to lose their audience.