Obama Vs. McCain in The Most Transformative Election in Recent History.

Whoever wins on Tuesday, November 4, this election will turn out to be one of the most transformative events of our lives. The role of social media in the electoral process has been nothing sort of phenomenal, with vast generational differences becoming obvious. The integration of old and new media, not the total displacement of one by the other, is just one of the many surprises to me. SNL and the Obama infomercial over TV and dozens of videos on YouTube all played significant roles in framing the candidates. It all boils down to screens—we now have two or three of them (TV, laptop/PC, mobile phone) and absorb information from whatever source over them. The distinction between Old and New Media is dissolving to people. It’s the information that’s important, not the source.

And, of course, to anyone who still remembers that marrying across race was still illegal in most Southern states until 1967, the strong showing of Barack Obama, win or lose, is nothing short of culturally revolutionary. We increasingly live in a mash-up society, culturally and digitally. We mix and match. It’s inclusive and creative. This election highlights the inclusion of the Gen Y population in the political process and society in general. Ditto for African-American and Hispanic populations. It marks an important turning point in US history.

But what next? Bruce Tempkin, VP of Customer Experience at Forrester, has 6 interesting ideas on how to bolster the tarnished brand of America around the world. Here are his six suggestions on relaunching Brand America:

1-Invest in culture as a corporate asset

2- Make listening an enterprisewide skill

3- Turn innovation into a continuous process

4- Provide a clear and compelling purpose 5- Extend and enhance the digital fabric

6- Practice good social citizenship around the world.

This is a good beginning to the beginning.

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