World Economic Forum Meeting in Dubai to Redesign The Global Economy.

On November 4, right after I vote, I fly out to Dubai for a World Economic Forum meeting of 700 people who hope to redesign the global economy post-financial/economic crisis. It will set the stage for the annual WEF meeting at Davos in January.

I belong to the one of the 68 Global Agenda Councils, or GACs the one on Design. It’s one of the “Expertise Councils.” There are also Councils based on Region, Industry and Challenges. Other expertise councils include Geography of Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Future of Governments, Benchmarking Progress in Society, Emerging Multinationals, Marketing and Branding, Philanthropy and Social Investing, among others.

Yes, it’s a hodge-podge of overlapping groups but my hope is that this group of very smart people will find a pathway to a new paradigm, that shifts away from consumption to creativity, from carbon to sustainable sources of energy, and from exclusive to inclusive global institutions that incorporate China, India and Brazil. It’s going to take distributed networks of innovation to solve this crisis and we need all the global mind-share we can get.

And, yes, I am troubled about all the flying to Dubai, especially my own carbon footprint. I’m hoping the ideas generated will ultimately prove so beneficial, that the price will be worth it.

Now help me out. What should we talk about? What new paradigm do we need post-crisis?