GM's LaNeve Voices GM Ads

First there was Lee Iacocca appearing in Chrysler ads in the 1980s. Then we had Ford chairman Bill Ford starring in print and TV ads a few years ago, hawking Ford’s innovation. Now, General Motors sales and marketing chief, Mark LaNeve is voicing radio ads for GM, reminding people that GM has money to lend and there are deals to be had.

Both GM and Ford have had declining sales, and are lobbying the Feds for extra loans and bailout money to get through the Recession. GM says it is losing as much 10,000 sales a month because its dealers can’t close loans for the customers that are actually in the dealerships looking for a new car or truck. That news has made everybody think that GMAC and Ford Motor Credit don’t have any money at all to lend.

So, why LaNeve and not some professional talent to voice the ads? “It was me because I was cheap, available and could do it quick,” he said.

And, he was actually pretty good.

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