Why I Stopped Using Google's Chrome Browser... and Why I've Started Again

Like a lot of people, I loved the speed of Google’s Chrome browser, so I used it a fair amount when it came out. But soon I discovered that it didn’t play so well with some sites. MyYahoo, for instance, came out garbled, or it wouldn’t load various modules. Even more of a problem, as I opened several tabs in succession, going on to the next before the current one loaded (hey, it saves a few seconds), the ones I left often wouldn’t load. I’d have to reload them, sometimes several times.

So, I gradually stopped using Chrome, reluctantly. Guess I’m not alone. Silicon Alley Insider notes that Chrome’s market share is slowly dropping.

But the Chrome folks at Google seem to have kept working on this thing. Now, the tabs seem to load the first time, MyYahoo comes up fine (yay!), and I haven’t run across problems on most other sites the last few days. So, I’m back on Chrome and we’ll see how it does. I still need some key add-ons I use on Firefox, such as a button for del.icio.us—and how about a print button for us lazy people? But as long as Chrome is speedy and loads pages correctly, that’s enough for me to use it along with Firefox and occasionally Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Just one remaining problem: What’s with the jumping pages on Allthingsd.com? Kara? Maddening! So, I guess Google has some more work to do….