Genzyme's Campath May Slow MS

A new study finds that Genzyme's drug Campath may be an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis

Campath, a Genzyme (GENZ) drug already approved for leukemia, may turn out to be one of the most effective treatments for multiple sclerosis, and it's the first medication to show potential for reversing the disease, according to a study reported Oct. 22 in The New England Journal of Medicine. In a three-year trial involving 334 patients in early stages of the nerve disease, Campath reduced the number of relapses by 74% when compared with Rebif, a form of interferon that's commonly used to treat MS. Campath also lowered the risk of sustained disability by 71% over Rebif, which is co-marketed by EMD Serono and Pfizer (PFE).

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