Dead Rising: One-Stop Chopping for Wii

Poor graphics mar the adaptation of this shopping mall zombie-smasher for the Nintendo game system

Similar to the Dawn of the Dead film, Dead Rising takes place in a shopping mall overrun with undead creatures and hundreds of weapons. Now the game comes to Wii as Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, an Xbox 360 port with a few tweaks and some surprise enemies.

Once again, you play as Frank West, a reporter that makes his way to the town shopping mall and gets to work killing zombies with anything he can get his hands on, including a pistol, shotgun, bench, potted plant and a plethora of other weapons. En route, he must also rescue people and battle various bosses, such as a scary clown brandishing dual chainsaws.

In adapting the game to Wii, Capcom went with the Resident Evil 4 control scheme, allowing you to maneuver Frank with the nunchuk's analog stick and aiming/shooting with the remote; press and hold B to raise your gun (the remote) and press A to shoot. In addition, the game features more save spots, more gunplay and various new additions to the zombie roster, including a parrot, a poodle and fat police officers with tazers.

For the most part, the game plays similar to its predecessor. Otis, one of the game's non-player characters and Frank's ally, informs him of whom needs saving, and Frank explores various sections of the mall discovering different weapons, interacting with different characters and leveling up to learn new moves.

We're all for smashing zombies on Wii, but in order to appreciate this game, we need to get over its graphics. As expected, Chop Till You Drop doesn't look as good as its Xbox 360 cousin. Characters show lots of jagged edges, and the environments look bland and faded.

Despite controlling like Resident Evil 4, Dead Rising frustrated us because of the difficulty targeting and picking up items (you need to press two buttons to lift something). However, we did enjoy shaking the remote to push away a hungry zombie.

Unless Capcom spruces up the visuals and tweaks the controls, Dead Rising on Wii may be too little, too late. Many fans haveWe already played this game two years ago on the Xbox 360, and we doubt that the addition of more save points and some new monsters will drag us back into the mall. That said, we still have a few more months to wait (the game is on track for a Winter release), so there's still time for the developers to deliver the ultimate zombie experience.