Innovation Insights From Google's Marissa Mayer, Citigroup's Amy Radin, and R/GA's Bob Greenberg.

As part of Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Week, I moderated a terrific panel Wednesday morning with R/GA co-founder Bob Greenberg, Citi’s consumer innovation guru Amy Radin and Marissa Mayer from Google (who was on our first Inside Innovation cover). We talked about how community has changed everything, from healthcare to banking. People want to control their information, want it private and want to share their problems and experiences with others in communities to get guidance and even more information.

Marissa talked about Google Health and allowing people to control their own health information. This could lead to huge efficiencies in health care as information is shared among doctors and specialists— and within communities that individuals join. Peer to peer learning of conditions, best practices and best doctors can improve healthcare. But privacy is critical.

Amy pointed out that the issues facing the digitalization and personalization of health care are very similar to those already faced by banking and personal finance. In fact, healthcare can learn from banking. this was a breakthrough for me. Millions of people do online banking and the banking industry has already learned a lot about privacy, opting in and out, sharing information, etc. The health industry should be benchmarking and learning from banking (yes, I know, there are other lessons to be learned from banking too, such as making sure the products you create are transparent, understandable, and of lasting value).