Worst Cab Ever: Chevy Malibu

I was in Las vegas recently, and was riding to the airport in a Toyota Prius cab. When I was in Vegas a few months ago, I rode in a Chevy Malibu cab.

I was struck by the roominess of the Prius’s back seat. Fabulous.

I like to chat up cab drivers, and asked how well the the cabs were holding up in Vegas. The driver gushed about how thrifty they are and how nicely they hold up.

The Malibu, by contrast, was a nightmare of a cab. The backseat was hopeless, my knees in my chest. [This can and the others in the same fleet haad a divider between the front and rear seat, whwile the Prius cab went without the divider. Egress and ingress in the backseat was awful. And the cabbie said that they were showing excessive wear after just 20,000 miles in Vegas where the roads are pretty smooth and there is no road-salt to worry about.

The Malibu I have driven as a press car was a nice piece of work. And it was North American Car of the Year last year. But it’s no taxi.