The Elevator Pitch

The Elevator Pitch


The Company: Crazy Cart, Pasadena, Calif.The Founder: Ali KermaniThe Concept: After eight years as the lead tester for the Razor scooter, I want to bring a new go-kart-like vehicle, the Crazy Cart, to market. The Crazy Cart safely simulates the drifting sensation associated with high-speed racing or driving on ice. The rider can switch into "drift" mode, letting the chassis of the cart spin freely without affecting the direction of travel.

The Crazy Cart will be marketed to riders age 10+ and will include a neighborhood-friendly electric motor, a wall-socket rechargeable battery system, vertical storage, and affordable pricing. I have filed a provisional patent application, created working prototypes, and been approached by a well-known toy company about an acquisition.


Matthew McIlwain, Managing PartnerMadrona Venture Group, Seattle

Kermani does a good job highlighting his credentials and his excitement, saysMcIlwain, and identifies a new customer niche. "I think of this as the Big Wheel for tweeners," McIlwain says. But there may be regulatory concerns, since the cart has an engine and transports youngsters. Distribution may also be tricky—will retailers be willing to handle repairs? Safety is another concern. "A 12-year-old could knock over a 6-year-old on this," he says. Plus, Kermani needs to lay out his exact capital requirements. McIlwain thinks Crazy Cart might have strong appeal for an angel investor with a passion for novel products.

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