Meet The Real "Joe The Plumber"

Anyone who was thinking the other night that they might scoop up to capitalize on the notoriety of the Ohio plumber who starred in the debate….too bad. It’s already taken.

The real Joe The Plumber is Joe Francis of Amarillo, Texas, who registered the domain in 2007. According to office manager Ronnie Bishop, the ten-person business hadn’t racked up one hit for about three months. Then, the night of the debate, it spiked to 32,000. Yesterday, it was at 320,000.

Bishop says the company is getting a lot of requests for tee-shirts. “Do you sell tee shirts?” I asked. “We do now,” says Bishop.

Best of all….offers rolling in for the domain name. One bloke has offered $800,000, according to Bishop.

Francis has 1,000 tee shirts on order, just like the ones he and his plumbers wear when they go out on a call. Now, that’s what I call politicians stimulating job growth.

Who are they voting for. “I’m for Obama, but I’m pretty sure Joe is for McCain.”