Who's Giving to Obama? Not Kerry or Gore

From our colleague David Kiley:

Former Vice President Al Gore not only has won an Academy Award and Nobel Peace Prize since the last Presidential election, but he has earned tens of millions as a Google board member and shareholder.

Still, Gore is a bit stingy when it comes to opening his wallet for Barack Obama. Gore has made public appearances for Obama and recently hosted a fund raiser in his home. But his office confirms what seems evident in the online campaign giving records listed by www.fundrace.huffingtonpost.com: neither he, nor Tipper, have written a check for Obama’s campaign.

Back in 2004, Gore gave $2,000 to John Kerry’s campaign and $1,000 to Howard Dean.

Gore isn't the only one with a tight wallet. While Kerry donated $25,000 to the Democratic National Committee, he hasn’t written a check to Obama either.

The Obamas, of course, donated $4,600 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign after she conceded to help defray her deficit. Nothing from Gore or Kerry, though. And Kerry is listed as the wealthiest Senator in Congress. As for the Clintons….President Bill Clinton gave $2,300 to Obama.

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