Watching Pricing In The New Recession

It’s becoming clear to me that different marketers have different strategies for pricing in this Recession.

I took my son to Kalahari, the big waterpark in Sandusky, OH about ten days ago. I booked two tickets online for $60.00. When we arrived at the hotel/resort/waterpark and checked in, my receipt said $84. Huh? Oh don’t worry, the cashier said, you were charged what you booked at, but the prices changed since I reserved the tickets. Upon going in, the crowd was light. In fact, several attractions were closed so as not to use the energy for the skimpier crowd.

Hmmmmm. Higher prices and fewer attractions open?

On the other hand, I was stunned when I booked flight from Detroit to New York this week and got a fare of $138.00. That is less than half the fare I found in late August with the same amount of lead time. I know fuel prices factor in, but it is also a measure to stimulate demand.