Going Wireless in the Workplace

Whatever your motivation—whether you want to improve worker productivity or reduce operating expenses—the right computer networking decisions will have a long-lasting impact on your budget and business.

One way to grow your business without breaking the bank is to invest in wireless networks that provide secure access to voice and data applications. Below are four tips for selecting wireless solutions to help your office communicate more efficiently and productively:

1. Wireless standards and products keep getting better. Pick wireless products that support fast transmission speeds that let you use broadcast-quality video and rich-media collaborative tools.

2. Select a wireless device that can securely and cost-effectively maintain a strong connection to your network at longer distances from the nearest access point. Also, wireless products should be Wi-Fi certified to allow workers to communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the workplace, as well as from remote locations, such as Wi-Fi hot spots.

3. Make sure wireless products deliver comprehensive wireless coverage for more users with fewer access points, which will help you reduce costs, simplify deployment and make the network easier to manage. Also look for products that minimize the power required to operate them. This makes the devices easier to deploy by eliminating the need for separate electrical outlets for each access point and saves electricity costs.

4. Companies need to ensure only those people who are checked, safe, and authorized have access to their wireless systems and that all users’ rights to wireless services are governed by highly specific policies. Make sure the wireless solution you select includes the same-type security features that your wired network delivers. It should also include the latest encryption techniques to protect your data.

Scott Hilton Vice-President, Product Line Management 3Com Marlborough, Mass.

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