"Mad Men" Update

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Okay, for those who watch Mad Men…was I the only one who thought Don Draper was on the verge of a realization; that maybe his kids were starting to matter to him for the first time?

Nah. This week’s episode, in which Draper gives in to his baser insticts and shacks up with a 21 year old “free-spirit” after spending exactly 85 seconds of screen time with her, was too much to resist for the Drapster.

As much as I like the character studies in this show, Draper is hard to watch sometimes. I actually find myself cringing when the Draper kids have screen time, because they seem like the most neglected wealthy kids I have ever seen. Henry The Eighth’s daughters got more love and attention from their father.

Increasingly, though, my favorite true-to-ad-agency character is Duck. Every agency has a Duck, a guy with no friends, just enemies and allies. He is the account guy who wants the creative department to report to him. And he has the nerve to demand partner status before he has actually won any new busness. Since he can’t win any, he is now trying to broker a sale of Sterling Cooper to the Brits.

I never saw that coming!

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