Foreclosures to Top 1 Million

Web site just released its monthly U.S. Foreclosures Index for the month of September. Foreclosures increased by nearly 7% from August to September — making it nearly certain—the site says—that this year will see more than 1 million foreclosures in the US.

The Southwest and Southeast continue to lead the way in foreclosures, with more than 15 foreclosures for every 1,000 households this year in the Southwest and more than 10 foreclosures for every 1,000 households in the Southeast. States with the highest percentages of foreclosures are: Arizona, Nevada, Mississippi, California and Georgia.

Other highlights:

- Five of the top 10 counties with pre-foreclosure filings based on a percentage of households are in Florida. Pre-foreclosure filings are steps lenders take before actually foreclosing.

- Pre-foreclosure filings are set to top 2 million this year, foreshadowing more difficult times ahead.