Obama Outspending McCain 3-to1 in Ads, and The Spread Could Widen.

The Wisconsin Ad Project shows in this table where barrack Obama sees his best chances to win a red state, and where John McCain sees states worth defending. It also shows some seemings bad decision making.

John McCain recently spent $227,000 on TV ads in Iowa. That is virtually wasted money since Obama and the Dems have swamped the Republicans with new voter registration, and McCain is a long-standing enemy of ethanol. McCain also spent $1.2 million recently in Michigan, just before pulling out off the state. Ouch. For a candidate limited to public financing, he is going to wish he had spent that in Ohio or Pennsylvania, states that are still toss-ups and where Obama is out-spending him.

McCain also outspent Obama six-to-one in Minnesota, a toss-up state the GOP is hopeful to snatch out of the blue column.Obama spent $1.2 million in North Carolina. Apparently rhe voter registration undertaken by the Dems in the primary have given them real hope of picking it off.

Obama outspent McCain 3-to-1 last week. The Obama camapaign said that it received donations from a remarkable 1.5 million donors in September.