Nashville Debate: "That One:" The Line That Caught On

The catch-line that caught on.

A website,, is selling T-shirts featuring both McCain and Obama, and has a logo with Obama’s rising-sun campaign changed to read “Thatone.” There’s a “that one” Facebook page and a biography with every Obama reference changed to “that one.”

“That one” was dubbed the winner of the dreary debate by both Arianna Huffington at The Huffington Post and John Dickerson at Slate.

Mike Allen on www.politico reports that some Obama supporters have joked that they thought McCain had forgotten Obama’s name, and one Democrat suggested the slogan, “That one … that won.”

While there is dispute over whether it was demeaning, I think it was one of those moments that made John McCain seem both small and old to people who are on the fence, and fearing what they are going to face when they open their 401K (retirement) and 529 (college saving) statements this month.

I can almost hear my late father saying…..”that one” in reference to someone in the room that he didn’t care for. Ironically, or perhaps not, maybe it was a play on how the right wingers have been needling Obama as “THE One,” as if he thinks he is a messiah.

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