The Best Employee for the Job

When the going gets tough, do you have the best people in your organization in place to manage the work and do the job that needs to be done? Here are three criteria you can use to set the bar for your workplace:

Ability. What are the skills, aptitudes, talents, knowledge, experience, and expertise essential to accomplish the task, and does the individual meet those requirements? In other words, can she/he do the job?

Motivation. Given the choices at hand and the consequences of action, is there commitment to see the task through? In other words, will she/he do the job?

Accountability: Once the task is done, is there the necessary follow-up that deals with potential next steps and implications for the whole? In other words, does she/he successfully finish the job?

Each individual is, of course, a composite of strengths and weaknesses and talents and faults of varying degrees. Once you begin to weigh these factors in concert with company needs, you may find yourself bumping smartly into obstacles or navigating neatly around them.

Mallary Tytel President and founder Healthy Workplaces Sioux Falls, S.D.

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