Pain Atop Pain: Ads At The Dentist

You are a captive in a blandly decorated office, which barely disguises the suffering routinely inflicted within its walls. Someone is coming at you with an instrument that is making a terrifying high-pitched whine that sounds like this: fweeeeeeeeee

You are …unusually receptive to an ad pitch?

A company called InChair TV thinks so. InChair TV, according to a press release I got yesterday, is already in use in 400 dental offices. At said offices, patients strap on eyewear and watch actual programming; InChair TV is now pitching ad slots to—yup—what the company calls “dental” advertisers.

I am compelled to ask: does anyone think would the sweaty nervous guy in the below clip would be happy to see an ad?

Full release—including a reference to dental patients’ “irrational anxiety—is after the jump.

INCHAIRTV OPENS DOOR FOR ADVERTISERS TO REACH 150 MILLION POTENTIAL CONSUMERS VIA NETWORK OF DENTAL CHAIR VIDEO UNITS Nielsen Study Confirms Advertiser Value of InChairTV’s Network with High Segment Recall Rates and Extended Exposure Times of More Than 45 Minutes NEW YORK CITY – October 6, 2008 – Today, InChairTV introduces an innovative new advertising network that uses personal video technology to deliver more than 45 minutes of uninterrupted programming to dental patients when they want it most – sitting in the dentist’s chair. More than 400 dental offices already use InChairTV’s entertainment system, which combines current movies and TV programs with oral health education to distract and relax patients undergoing dental procedures. The InChairTV system is built around a network of state-of-the-art video eyewear specially designed to give people a movie theater-like experience. Each office receives new programming on a set schedule that matches viewer office visits. Because viewing times last, on average, over 45 minutes, InChairTV offers brands a unique, uninterrupted platform for advertising delivery to a highly targeted and captive audience segment. Nielsen Media Research studies show unaided recall rates of almost 60% compared to 10% for broadcast TV, with high product purchase rates and viewer positives about the program overall. InChairTV shows or films contain two types of content: licensed broadcast programming from media partners ABC/Disney and patient education presentations, which play in the commercial breaks of the show. To date the patient education slots have been reserved for dentists to show customized presentations describing services offered by their office. By opening this network to third-party advertisers, InChairTV now offers oral health and other marketers an entrée into a highly targeted, captive and focused market segment – proven dental consumers, reached at the moment when most are open to hearing more about dental goods and services. “Nervous and stressed patients are common in a dental practice,” said Dr. Mal Braverman, a top cosmetic dentist based in New York City. “I have found that this product serves to eliminate irrational anxiety during procedures, as well as being an excellent method for describing new products that may be of interest to them in a relaxed and non-pressured way.” A Nielsen Media Research study commissioned by the company in May of this year confirmed the effectiveness of the InChairTV system specifically for both patient distraction and education: • Long view times – over 45 minutes average • Positive feelings about the service – 82% would use InChairTV again • Message effectiveness – 60% unaided ad recall, 45% more likely to purchase a service advertised on the network • Buzz factor – 87% tell friends and family about InChairTV “The opportunity to reach dental patients in the chair, at the moment they are making decisions about their oral health, under the auspices of their own trusted healthcare provider, is golden for oral health marketers” said Matthew Leader, CEO, InChairTV. “Rather than viewing it as just another annoying intrusion, most patients love our service, which results in both large audience numbers and a uniquely dedicated, trusting viewership. The Nielsen study shows that these positive feelings and dedicated focus transfer to the products being marketed as well.” Advertising slots are expected to be offered to oral health and other marketers beginning October 1, at CPM rates that reflect the added value the service brings to the video medium. The unique nature of the network will also allow InChairTV to provide new services to advertisers like embedded metric gathering and the ability to follow-up video advertisements with physical product samples or literature through the supporting content program, making an impact that regular television simply can’t match. # # # About InChairTV InChairTV is the in-operatory entertainment environment for dental and medical patients. The company is the first to offer dental patients a truly immersive distraction experience, and to leverage the effectiveness of that experience to benefit patients, dentists and advertisers alike. The results are an entirely new, highly targeted, captive and focused way to deliver oral health messaging. Based in New York, InChairTV is adding new locations around the country each month.