Do the Tweets on the 2008 IBM Innovation Jam tell us the real story of how successful it is?

IBM’s latest Innovation Jam—an invite-only social-media idea fest that takes place online for three days (it started on October 5, and ends on the 8th) is up and running. This year’s theme is on building “the Enterprise of the Future.” Some IBMers are Twittering about it. Most of the posts on Twitter are excited build-up-to-the-event announcements (“only 4 days…!”) or mundane chatter (“I just got my FREE innovation jam donut…”).

I’ve been checking it out to see how the event is doing. So far, the number of posts to the Innovation Jam quadrupled (up to 12,000+ from about 3,0000) between October 6 and about 4am Eastern. And according to one IBM Twitterer, there were about 500 themes discussed. Perhaps even more intriguing: on Oct. 2, there were 40,000 IBMers signed up, but on Oct. 6, only 10,000 people had logged on. Twitter seems to be a good place to gauge how successful events really are, to wade through the hype and to see if people really are engaged.