McCain Conceding Michigan

GOP Presidential candidate John McCain has pretty much conceded Michigan to Democrat Barack Obama, reports The candidate, who beat George Bush in the 2000 GOP primary in Michigan, is yanking ads, mail and reassigning staff to other swing states where he still hopes to win—Ohio and Wisconsin.

In recent weeks,the spread between Obama and McCain in Michigan has widened to as much as nine points in some polls.

Turning the tide for the McCain campaign was the overwhelming new voter registration carried out by Democrats in Michigan. With school back in session, and more Michigan college students reachable by pollsters, the numbers seem overwhelming to the Republicans. The recent economic collapse in the U.S. has also driven up Obama’s numbers nationally and in many states.

Barack Obama spoke to Michiganders today in Grand Rapids, typically a Republican stronghold in the state.

McCain supported the $25 billion loan package from the government to automakers, a big issue for voters. But he has been tepid and non-committal toward doubling the loan package next year if elected. Obama has said he supports doubling the loans if the automakers need it.

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