McCain's Car Problem Could Trump His House Problem in Michigan

Michigan likes candidates who support the home team. And Michigan voters can readily seize on things they don’t like—such as candidates that support foreign carmakers.

Newsweek updated a story done by BusinessWeek last year during the primaries, looking at what vehicles the candidates drive.

John McCain has a Cadillac CTS registered to himself, but wife Cindy has 12 registered to her, plus one, a Lexus, that is her principal ride and registered to her beer distributorship. McCain’s daughter has a Prius, which the candidate has been confused about—whether she bought it, or he and Cindy bought it for her.

Don’t most Americans know whether they shelled out $23,000 for a new car for their kid, or if the kid bought it with his or her own money?

The United Auto Workers, already supporting Obama, really doesn’t like Toyota or its Lexus unit. Nothing can stop individual union members and retirees from breaking with their union at the voting booth. But you are talking about a union that doesn’t allow foreign cars to be parked at their union hall lots, even for guests.

Ohioans may not mind the Honda, as Honda is a huge employer in that swing state. But that and the Toyotas won’t do much for the GOP candidate in the mitten (Michigan is shaped like a mitten) state.

According to Newsweek, the McCains have a 2005 Volkswagen convertible in the garage along with a 2001 Honda sedan. There’s a 2007 half-ton Ford pickup truck, a vintage 1960 Willys Jeep; a 2008 Jeep Wrangler; a 2000 Lincoln; and a 2001 GMC SUV. The McCains also own three 2000 NEV Gem electric vehicles, which are golf-cart like vehicles popular in retirement communities. Gem cars are made by a company owned by Chrysler.

The Obamas last year traded in their Chrysler 300C for a Ford Escape Hybrid.

McCain…..Nine homes and 14 cars…….

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