MySpace is going into politics. The leading U.S. social network launched today. The site will stream the presidential debates live to Internet audiences as well as provide tools to search for candidates’ stated positions on issues. is part of MySpace’s attempt to be more than just a place for friends. The company wants to be a place where communities develop around interests. “We are responding to users interest in politics—an interest just like it is for music or film or anything else,” says Lee Brenner, director of MySpace’s Impact Channel and executive producer of political programming at MySpace.

The site will include issue quizzes comparing individual users’ stated beliefs to the candidates’ positions and the American public at large. It will also include small programs that users can embed on blogs updating them on campaign news concerning the issues they deem most important. will also enable Internet users to submit questions for the candidates to Tom Brokaw, who will moderate a Town Hall presidential debate on Oct. 2.

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