Ten Resources for Nervous Entrepreneurs

With Monday’s dramatic global sell-off in the financial markets, you’re probably already aware that the credit crunch will only get worse. You’re also probably thinking the crisis isn’t over yet.

But if you run your own business, what else is top of mind for you these days? How are you dealing with the other effects of the shaky economy? What’s gnawing at the pit of your stomach? What’s keeping you up at night? Sound off in the comments section below.

But before you do, check out the collection of links to stories and multimedia below, intended to offer you a sense of what a number of your peers across industries say matters to them—and to revisit the strategies they’ve employed to stay afloat. You’ll get an idea of where your business stands—and you may be able to borrow a few of their smart ideas to use in your own shop. You’ll also see what we missed in our previous coverage and can suggest we tackle it now.

To start, take a look at our special report on raising capital in an economic slowdown. Be sure to catch our overview on the basics, then flip through a slide show on sectors most likely to suffer in a downturn.

Then learn about smart strategies in Don’t Let the Downturn Get You Down, Entrepreneurs Fight a Recession, and Getting a Better Deal on Commercial Real Estate.

And tune in to what experts have to say in podcasts Surviving in a Bad Economy, Selling a Business in a Down Market, and Anxious Organizations.

Finally, get some counterintuitive advice from our marketing and leadership columnists who advocate spending more, not less on both building awareness in Five Don’ts for Marketing in Tough Times and hiring and firing in Taking Advantage of a Down Market.

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