Obama Backs Tighter Scrutiny of Ratings Agencies

As voters scramble to understand the financial crisis and what it means for them, both the Obama and McCain campaigns have jumped on the issue. Each hopes to use the crisis to show voters he would be better able to address the deepening problems hitting the financial sector and the economy. Here’s a good look at what they’re saying on the trail.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Obama also called on Tuesday morning for closer scrutiny on the credit ratings agencies. That’s likely a preview of what he’ll be saying in a speech in Colorada later this morning; his campaign has announced he will talk about his “Plan to Revamp Regulatory Framework, Push Back Against Special Interests and Grow the American Economy” at 9:30 local time.

Meanwhile, McCain was on the stump yesterday calling for greater oversight from Washington. The financial crisis, he said, “is a result of excess and greed and corruption. And that’s exactly what is plaguing Americans today. And we got to fix it and we’ve got to update our regulatory system.”

With the issue taking over on the campaign trail, expect both sides to ramp up their talk of what they would do to resolve the issues in the coming days.

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