Business Exchange

Business Exchange

BusinessWeek readers are a voracious bunch. Much as we'd love to think they rely only on us, our readers turn to many other media brands on various platforms—including print, the Web, radio, and TV—on a regular basis. Starting this week, we are helping them do that.

Business Exchange, a free online information hub, is a new initiative of It enhances the ongoing reporting and analysis of BusinessWeek writers and editors in print and online by aggregating other sources of news and analysis (including other media brands, blogs, videos, and research reports). Readers can use it to track business trends, with hundreds of topics available at launch, or create a specific topic that's not currently on the Exchange.

The best part is the social underpinning of this platform. Users (including our journalists and editors) can share their own knowledge about a subject to enrich each topic far beyond what any single person or search engine can accomplish. Collaborating, commenting, and sharing will help make Business Exchange both useful and a lot of fun.

It's also great for serendipity. I set up a topic on the economy and the election but also found myself checking out Exchange topics related to the Olympics as all eyes turned to Beijing this summer and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac as events led to the recent government bailout.

With this issue of the magazine, we're also tapping into the Exchange to offer other smart perspectives to readers alongside our own stories. We have been doing this in a feature called Links. Now we'll be providing additional news and insights through Business Exchange.

As valuable as it is today, the Exchange is still evolving, and new features will be introduced every few weeks. Read more about Business Exchange on page 38 and then experience it on Be sure to tell us what you think.

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