IBM's Wladawsky-Berger on why he blogs

Here’s a wonderful post by Irving Wladawsky-Berger, who led IBM’s Internet development (among many other big jobs in a 37-year career at Big Blue). He talks here about how blogging fits into his life.

I like the freedom to be able to write about whatever topic interests me. I like the eclectic nature of the medium. I can write about cloud computing one week, and the Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies a few weeks later. I can write about subjects like supercomputing that I know a lot about, as well as subjects I find fascinating like evolutionary biology in which I am a total amateur. I like that while each weekly entry takes quite a bit of work, the pain is over once the entry is posted at the end of the week, and I can start thinking about next week’s subject.

Most important for me, blogging has gotten me into writing. I rarely wrote before this blog, and I am now something of a prolific writer - a precious gift to have received at this late stage in my life and career.

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