Electronic Paper for Business

I have been hearing about

I have been hearing about “electronic paper” for business documents for about as long as I can remember, but none has come close to making the grade. A new reader from Plastic Logic could be the one.

At DEMOfall today, the company showed off a reader about the size of a sheet of notebook paper and thinner than a legal pad that can be loaded with a broad variety of business documents.

Like Amazon’s Kindle, Plastic Logic uses technology from E Ink that gives an instant-on greyscale display with phenomenal battery life. But Plastic Logic has developed semiconductor technology that allows the display to be made of plastic instead of glass, making it lighter, thinner, and more durable.

Plastic Logic plans to begin production this fall at a new facility in Dresden, Germany, and bring the product to market next year. Although the initial reader is aimed at business-to-business markets, it’s consumer potential is obvious.

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