Show of Hands: Love or Hate the New Microsoft Ad?

The new Microsoft ad with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates has sure stirred up a blogstorm today. People either sort of like it or hate it. Mostly the latter, it would seem.

I dunno, I sorta like it. And I wasn’t even a Seinfeld fan. This ad, at least—I can’t speak for the many more to come—humanized Gates and, by extension, Microsoft. You’d think a Gates butt wiggle is the last thing you’d want as the punchline of an ad, but I think it worked.

Of course I have no idea what the ad, which is supposed to help consumers reconnect with Windows following the Vista debacle, means. Apparently, according to Microsoft, it’s not supposed to mean anything except that Microsoft has a sense of humor. Which it does, as this Gates farewell video already showed.

So to the critics, I say, lighten up. I mean, when’s the last time you even paid attention to a Microsoft ad?

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