The Honda Insight is back

Honda’s name for its new Prius killer is perhaps the least innovative thing about it—it’s going to be called the Insight. The old Insight was the first mass-produced hybrid sold in the U.S. in 1999 but was phased out amid weak sales in 2006.

Honda has higher hopes for the much-anticipated new model, which it plans to sell 200,000 a year and will be the first of several new hybrids. While it won’t be sold until April, Honda is showing a concept version at the Paris Auto Show, which opens at the beginning of October. Honda just released a press release unveiling the name today and first official photos, although details of its price (expected to be about $19k) and performance remain scant. The release points out that the original Insight was the first vehicle to break the 70mpg barrier for fuel efficiency. Any guesses on how closer the new, larger Insight (but smaller than a Civic or a Prius) will get to that figure?

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