Obama Leads In Online Ad Views

Democratic nominee Barack Obama has plastered the Web with his campaign slogan and related paraphernalia. And, it’s working. According to Web research firm comScore, Obama’s online ads are viewed nearly 92,000 times each month, compared to an average of just 7,435 times a month for McCain.

“Not only have the two campaigns placed a different level of emphasis on the importance of using online advertising as part of the media mix, but their execution also shows stark differences,” said comScore senior analyst Andrew Lipsman in a statement. “While Obama’s ads tend to be ‘brand-building’ ads encouraging people to join the movement, McCain’s ads are often issue oriented. Additionally, while Obama ads have an almost universally positive message, McCain ads feature a mix of positive and negative messages.”

Despite Obama’s relative success with online advertising and social networks—where he has far and away more support than McCain--he’s not winning in all aspects of online. John McCain’s Web site had more than three times as many video plays as Obama’s Web site in the first five months of the year—2.1 million versus 612,000, according to comScore. Obama, however, has more people watching his videos on Google’s video sharing site YouTube, where Obama has 60.7 million views versus McCain’s 14 million.

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