The Benefits of a Customer Survey

If you’ve never systematically surveyed customers’ views on your organization, you probably don’t know what they are. We all need customer feedback to assess the performance of our salespeople, the quality of our products, and the value of our services. It helps us improve the success of our sales calls, gain an edge on the competition, reinforce strengths, and compensate for weaknesses. A well-designed customer survey can help you to: • Assess the company’s position with its very best customers.

• Determine whether you are missing sales opportunities with existing customers.

• Evaluate the ability of your salesforce to recognize and capitalize on sales opportunities from new prospects. • Empower your sales managers with customer perceptions of service quality during the selling process.

• Determine what training aids and performance systems you may need to improve sales effectiveness. In developing your survey, choose from your best customers—those with the greatest buying potential—as well as new prospects. You will gain the most value from knowing how these groups feel. Finally, consider phone surveys if you want a high response rate quickly; use the mail for efficient processing, low costs, and when anonymity is important.

Gene Siciliano President Western Management Associates Los Angeles

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