What to tell journos about blogging?

I’ve been asked to give BW colleagues a how-to on blogging next week. This is for the basic stuff that Jeff Jarvis zipped past when he tackled the more substantive issues here last spring. So, we’ll go over: 1) How to set up an aggregator page (and which ones to choose), 2) How to follow what others are writing about you, and 3)how to optimize a blog post for search engines. (I’m not the expert on that part.)

I agreed to all this. And now I’m coming to grips with the sad fact that I sort of figured this stuff out about three years ago, and a lot of what I “know” dates from blogging’s Pleistocene era.

So, any advice? What are your favorite aggregators? (I use Google Reader and Netvibes, and have a long-ignored MyYahoo page) Any good widgets for tracking links to blogs?… This reminds me, I chatted yesterday with our SEO guru—and she told me that Blogspotting was an absolutely miserable name for the Google world. Hurt my feelings a little.

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