The Lost Season

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Summer’s winding down-but it’s been a tough one for many seasonal business owners. Due to political games on Capitol Hill, Congress failed to pass a measure that would have lifted the cap put on the number of seasonal foreign workers who can enter the country. Those temporary workers are critical for many businesses in summer resorts and other seasonal operations.

That cap for so called H2B visas-which was lifted without much controversy in previous years-put the squeeze on many seasonal businesses who had a tough time finding workers to staff their hotels, restaurants and landscaping businesses. On September 10 a non-profit called Save Small Business that has been pushing to lift that cap will bring business owners to Washington to press their representatives on the Hill to pass legislation to lift it for next year.

But while it's hard to predict whether they'll have better luck than they did earlier this year, Don Mooers, counsel to Save Small Business, says:

It is sad for the businesses and it is too bad for the foreign workers. This is their livelihood. But this is also awful for the U.S. employees hired as permanent workers by these companies. Their jobs are on the line.

Makes you wonder with all the talk from the presidential candidates about reaching out to small business owners-is anyone really listening?

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