Mccain Ad or Video-Press Release?

The McCain campaign hasn’t let up an inch firing off new ads this week. It seems to me there was a time when each party’s convention was almost a mutually agreed upon zone of civility where each party would allow the other to have their four days.

There has been talk this week of even having McCain name his veep choice on Thursday, the day Barack Obama is giving his acceptance speech in Denver.

Here is the newest McCain salvo, aimed at taking Obama on over the issue of how dangerous Iran is. hasn’t yet weighed in on the ad. The Obama campaign issued a point by point breakdown of the ad copy, though, and referred to it as “crossing a new line into dishonesty.” The Associates Press offered this analysis: “The ad is misleading because it states that Obama said Iran is “tiny” and “doesn’t pose a serious threat” without noting that Obama was comparing the threat Iran poses today to the Soviet Union, the nuclear-armed adversary of the U.S. during the Cold War.”

Another issue: The Campaign Media Analysis Group told The Wall Street Journal that there is emerging evidence that the McCain is not actually buying air-time for these ads, but merely producing them for the news networks to run as they have so much time to kill in between speeches.

If that’s the case, Tapper pointed out accurately, they are more like video-press releases that the networks are airing instead of ads.

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