Invest in a Marquee Customer Program

Customer satisfaction is one very concrete measure of business success. But being able to "package" this satisfaction fully for the benefit of future business prospects is a powerful way to help success proliferate. That’s why it’s important to identify your marquee customers and leverage the goodwill they have toward your business. Since many companies may struggle initially to grasp or visualize how your product or service can affect their businesses, you need to help paint the picture for them. Satisfied customers are better equipped to do this than anyone. They are more credible and speak from real-world experience. You can give presentations and demos until you’re blue in the face, but often it’s not until an industry peer tells his or her story that it starts to click. For the small business owner, then, it is important to identify those premier customers and work with them to mine their vision, package it, and make it available to the mainstream buyer. Jim Hemmer CEO and President Antenna Software Jersey City, N.J.

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