Election 2008: 21st Century CliffsNotes

Tired of trying to keep up with all those campaign news, poll and blog sites? Well, consider ditching them all — except us! — and turning to perspctv instead.

The brainchild of a Vineet_SC, a former ad-company CTO, perspctv is a mashup that seeks to quantify and track the campaign chatter, all in one place — and updated automatically and regularly.

Here is CNN’s “poll of polls,” a count of how often each candidate’s name is mentioned in news articles (from Daylife, a news indexer) and blogs (via Technorati, a blog-analyzer), an average of state polls from Electoral-Vote.com, search-volume data from Google — even an analysis of how often each candidate’s name is passes through Twitter. A quick click shows some of the same data plotted on timelines, or in map form (Twitterers the country over seem to have Obama on the mind).

Like the site’s vowel-challenged name, its data is missing something: perspective, or at least context. News articles and blogs alike may mention Obama more often than McCain, and have done so consistently over since January — but as TechCrunch notes, it isn’t clear whether they more often laud or lambaste the Democratic nominee-apparent.

But maybe technology can come to the rescue here as well. TechCrunch explores a report that looks not just at which candidates are mentioned by blogs, mainstream news organizations and other Web sites, but also, to some degree, what they’re saying. The report comes from Atributor, which bills itself as “the world’s first web-wide content tracking and programming platform.”)

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