My House or Yours?

The Obama campaign has made great hay out of the fact that rival John McCain couldn’t remember how many houses he owned — and even greater hay out of the fact that the total turned out to be seven. Fighting off McCain’s attempts to brand him as an elitist, the incident quickly began to figure in campaign talking points, and in an ad called “Seven” that soon showed up on the airwaves. If McCain chooses former rival Mitt Romney as his running mate, they could soon have more fodder: asked at a press event sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor how many houses he’s got, Romney said he owns four. “One less than John Kerry,” the former Massachusettes governor was quick to point out. Given the controversy over McCain’s homes, he was asked whether that fact could dim his chances of being named McCain’s veep pick. Romney, who was part of contingent of Republicans who came to Denver to talk up McCain’s candidacy during the Democrats’ bash, declined to comment. “I’m not here to talk about my qualifications…I’m talking about why John McCain has the qualifications to be president.”

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