Mission Accomplished For Michelle

By Jane Sasseen There are no polls out yet showing whether Michelle Obama’s speech helped move the needle among voters, but it sure looked like she accomplished her biggest task. Introduced by her brother, with her mother cheering on from the stands, she gave an emotional speech about the importance of family, faith and the values of hard work and community service that she and her husband share. In so doing, she succeeded in portraying the Obama clan as the typical American family, struggling and sacrificing through the generations to grasp hold of the American dream and give their kids a better life.

It was a warm, at times moving speech, followed by an appearance on stage by Obama’s daughters Malia and Sasha as the Senator himself popped up on the video screen. The clear message: we’re a loving family, with all its ups and downs, just like you, dear voter. And with a heartfelt listing of the reasons “why I love this country,” Obama also aimed to put to rest questions about her patriotism, spurred by earlier comments she made that she was proud of the country for the first time in her life when Barack began to gain momentum in the race.

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