Betting on Obama

You can bet on just about anything these days, including the details of Barack Obama’s Democratic nomination acceptance speech Thursday. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has listed odds on several aspects of the address, including which cliche Obama will mention first. Take your pick:

10 to 1 Time for Change

12 to 1 I’d like to thank my wife

12 to 1 As I stand here today

12 to 1 Defining moment

14 to 1 Let me be clear

14 to 1 War on terror

14 to 1 Politics of hope

20 to 1 They said this day would never come

20 to 1 Change is coming to America

25 to 1 There are better days ahead

Bettors can also weigh in on how many times Obama will utter the word “change” during his remarks with the catergory “Over 20 Times” offering the best odds.

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