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How to Pick a Sport Management Program

Getting into the sport management business allows mere mortals to share the glory and the rewards. Here's how to choose an undergrad program

The sports industry in the U.S. is a $200-billion-plus powerhouse, with superstar athletes, lucrative endorsement deals, and all the free press an ego can handle. But if you're not the rare athlete who can hit a 93-mph fastball or sink a 15-foot jumper, how are you supposed to cash in on such a lucrative business?

There are jobs in the sports business that don't require sweating—marketing, philanthropy, graphic design, and sales are just a few. But there's increasing competition for these positions, with lawyers, communications majors, and business graduates all vying for the chance to share in some of the sports glamour. Which explains the popularity of the numerous undergraduate sport management at schools across the country.