Kellogg Career Services Q&A

The director of Kellogg's Career Management Center talks about how the school is preparing its grads for a tighter job market

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University hasn't yet seen the effects of a faltering economy trickle down to its graduating MBA students, says Roxanne Hori, assistant dean and director of the school's Career Management Center. But she is bracing for a tightening of the job market a year or two down the line. Hori has held her position for 13 years, and predicts that Kellogg students will feel the ripple effect of the current economic slump soon. But both she and the students—many of whom graduated into a tough economy when they completed their undergraduate degrees— have survived downturns before. And savvy students have begun to show interest in growth industries like high tech, as they see opportunities dry up in the troubled financial sector.

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